All your Questions Answered

What is Grl Pwr LA basic membership?
This means you are a member of our private Facebook filled with 1,000 plus queens from around the world including
Los Angeles,Atlanta, Florida and even abroad.

What does being a part of the basic membership include?

You will stay connected with other members in our private online community, receive monthly advice in our bi monthly anonymous advice column, updated on events, and future volunteer opportunities.

I don't have a facebook so I can't access the basic membership. What's the best way to stay updated on the next event?
You can subscribe to our newsletter here to stay updated on our next event! 

Basic Membership: 

What is Grl Pwr LA’s Social Club membership? Our social club is a tribe of women that all support each other and push each other to reach each other's goals.When joining the tribe you get access to unlimited co hosting opportunities to support you personally and professionally for special events including birthdays, bachelorette parties, and book releases, business launch, (ETC.)

How is Joining the social club different from the basic free membership? Our social club members will receive early bird access to all of our events and can be instrumental in planning and receive unlimited co-hosting at our workshops and events! Our tribe also gain access to our private group to hold each other accountable to reaching our goals personally and professionally on a weekly basis. Lastly, the tribe receives unlimited co-hosting opportunities for Grl Pwr to plan not only professional events but to celebrate your special occasion. We support each other! 

When does the Social Club membership launch and how do I join?

Our social club membership is officially open you can join now here!

Social Club Membership  

Question: What is the Level Up Adult mentorship?

Answer: Our Level up mentorship series is a virtual mentorship that takes place via ZOOM quarterly to help women seeking entrepreneurial support. Topics are selected each quarter from women apart of our social club. 

How do I sign up to attend the mentorship series?
You can sign up to be notified HERE!

How are your expert coaches selected?
Our expert coaches are selected based on topics we are featuring and are also featured in our directory!

How do I apply to be featured as a coach or expert?
You can apply HERE 

Level  up mentorship