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Grl Pwr is a  slogan familiar to most that came to  popularity in the early 90's that celebrates women's empowerment and the power of women coming together. Grl Pwr LA is a non profit organization based in Los Angeles with members from across the world apart of our global community who share the same mindset. We believe in the power of sisterhood and Women coming together to support one another because this is a fundamental key to personal growth and success. There is no need for us women to compete against each other. When we come together and support one another, anything is possible. We are more powerful together!






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Grl Pwr LA is a non profit organization geared towards helping women discover community while fostering personal and professional development. Our community organization provides monthly virtual mentorship opportunities  to help women gain the confidence and support they need to reach their full potential. Our community organization not only equips women to reach their goals but we provide curated experiences to help women discover genuine friendships to feel supported along the way.

So many women feel unfulfilled and alone. Especially in Los Angeles, one of the biggest cities in the world. Most women have big dreams and goals but lack the support to make them reality. However, it’s proven you are more likely to succeed when you are connected to a community. We often think we have to try and make it by ourselves and or compete with the next woman but it’s so much easier to accomplish your goals when you have a group of powerful women by your side. 

Yes, it's okay to be an independent woman but at Grl Pwr LA we believe we as women are more powerful together. That's why we are dedicated to helping women maintain a sense of community by providing quality  accessible workshops, resources, and events. 

Our Mission:

Every queen needs her 


It’s proven you are more likely to succeed when you are connected to a community with a similar mindset as you.

Discover and join a community of like-minded women. Curated especially for you and aligned sisters, to build, learn grow, & inspire you to become the best you.


OMG YES YES YES TO Grl Pwr LA!!! I'm so happy and blessed to be a part of this amazing group! The vibes, the people, and the leadership have been so inspiring and uplifting; it's amazing that a group such as this is here in Los Angeles. The women I've met have been so inspiring, the connections so real, and the vibrations so loving and high-spirited. The founder Cat Parks is absolutely a vibration of leadership, love, and care! She is a visionary and is so humble about her giving to the group and to the ladies who participate in the experiences. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful tribe! If you're looking for a loving and wholesome tribe Grl Pwr LA is the place to be! A million stars!

--Tenice, Grl Pwr LA Member basic membership

"When Cat and I reconnected it was divine timing! Being from Chicago, I was having a difficult time finding like-minded and hearted girlfriends! When Cat told me about her passion for creating spaces for connecting beautiful, intelligent, and authentic women, it seemed right up my alley! During my time attending various events; I have witnessed Cat effortlessly cultivate safe spaces for women. I leave each event feeling inspired and rejuvenated! She continues to be a bright light in this season of darkness! I am looking forward to seeing Grl Pwr LA reach its Highest Potential!" 

Thank you! 

--Zenobia G, Grl Pwr LA member basic membership

“I had the most amazing time with Grl Pwr LA! Everyone who participates in this group is in alignment with the path of uplifting women. I was so impressed at how Cat organizes everything! She's definitely an amazing leader. Each event is different which adds such a beautiful variety to this movement! If you are in LA and you're looking to connect with powerful women, have a good time, and experience growth this is your group!” 

--Olivia, Grl Pwr LA basic membership