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Join the tribe! Stay motivated to reach your goals while connecting with other like minded goal driven women for support. Our Virtual accountability circle via Slack app with check in's weekly!

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Limited spots available ($1,500 Value) Ask us about our donation based pay what you can program!
Never feel alone in dreaming BIG! Connect to like-minded entrepreneurial women just like you! Slack support group to connect with and meet other Grl Bosses!

Need accountability? No problem! One on one accountability check-in phone calls on a day of your choice to give you actionable steps each week for the next three months to help you strategize and push you towards your vision (12 accountability sessions total)

What about that legal stuff? Business coaching and assisting in legal formation of LLC, 501 © (3) for legal compliance, branding execution, and branding development. Applicable for aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, and aspiring non-profit owners. 

Gain Mindset, branding, and marketing expert advice with our Monthly master class workshops with our expert biz coaches and Q&A to answer any questions you might have after each master class plus. 

Once you enroll in Grl Pwr Adult mentorship program you will also gain all the membership perks for being a part of Grl Pwr LA social club!

Level Up Adult Mentorship Program 

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“This Level Up Program was exactly what I needed to gain clarity about my brand goals. As a multi-passionate woman, I found it challenging to communicate all the services I offer in a concise way. Working with Cat helped me fish out which services were in alignment with my overall vision and how to communicate that to potential clients. Since working with Cat I was able to sign two new clients! I think every creative entrepreneur should invest in joining this community because it keeps you inspired and accountable.” - (Kera Moné, Los Angeles, CA)

"Being a part of this program was amazing! I always wanted to create my own non-profit, but I never knew how or where to start. I felt confused and lost. But working with Cat in this program gave me so much clarity! We broke down exactly what I needed to do to turn my vision into a reality. Every week, we met together to create small, action steps to complete and when the program was over, I had a full-blown plan for my non-profit with every single thing I needed to launch it! I didn't feel overwhelmed or lost anymore. The accountability each week motivated me and I created lasting friendships with the other women in the program. Thank you so much, I feel so grateful and blessed!"
(Angelica, Sacramento, CA)

“My biggest aha-moments & breakthroughs in Beta Program were that my mission & visions are not too big, but they can be too big to the environment where I’m currently at. It was great to get mirroring & encouragement from Cat. She is super supportive & kind-hearted and leads by example. The concept was great: informative MasterClasses combined with private coaching and group chat. Definitely recommend! Ps. Thank you Cat for this experience, you are light & pure inspiration! “ (Elina, North Finland) 

"Grl Pwr LA Beta program was an amazing experience to be a part of. I truly enjoyed the entire experience, and thank Cat for giving me the opportunity to share this energy with her program. The level-up program gave me the clarity I needed to believe in myself to start the road to entrepreneurship. Thanks to the weekly calls and accountability I was able to create a blueprint of my vision, having someone to talk to about my vision made me believe I was capable of accomplishing my goals, it created fire energy and made me push for my vision.. having an accountability partner also made me feel empowered and kept my mind focused weekly. Sharing with a community of like-minded women on the same mission to start their own journey helped validate my feelings and keep thoughts in check. It was such an honor to share space with such amazing women.. I truly enjoyed this experience and look forward to the launch of the program."
 (Marisela, Seattle Washington)

“I recommend participating in the GRL PWR LA Level UP program to help refine your goals and receive the community of other entrepreneurial women. I think that when we grow older we forget how mentorship helped shape us and as an adult, I find it so useful to still have mentors guide your decisions almost like a life coach. I recommend this for those starting a business, already owning a business, and/or someone with a vision that needs help executing the vision. With the check-in, Slack chats, and workshops, you can find so many resources and networking opportunities to align your goals. It is a commitment, but it is more a commitment to yourself. “ (Kathleen, Los Angeles CA)

Who is this for??

• You have a vision and it excites you but you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start!

• You’re fed up with trying to figure everything out by yourself. You no longer want to feel alone and misunderstood. You are burnt out and juggling too much. You desire how to integrate a more balanced lifestyle and are ready to change your mindset.  

• You don’t have any female entrepreneurial-minded friends and want to be connected to an amazing community filled with like-minded entrepreneurial Boss Queens that support you!

• You want to have accountability to hold you accountable & motivate you so that you do the things you need to do! No more procrastination. More motivation!

• You’re ready to learn, you’re determined to succeed, and are coachable. Willing to participate in virtual group strategy calls to brainstorm with other business-minded women and gain clarity + strategy in your vision and take action.

• You have one or more business ideas you want marketing strategy on, you want clarity on what steps you need to take, focus on one vision, and or clarity on which business idea is right for you and if you’re headed in the right direction based on your skillset!

• You’re ready to embrace purpose and not settle for less! You’re done building someone else’s empire and yearning for more. Maybe you just need a little push. Discover your inner Queen!


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