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 Cat Parks is the founder of Grl Pwr L.A. Parks created Grl Pwr LA in 2019 after moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music and modeling. Little did she know she would soon discover so much more. Cat has become a trail blazer for social impact in underserved communities, providing inspiration through safe spaces for women of all different backgrounds to feel valued and supported while unlocking the tools to succeed.

Creative Entrepreneur & Wellness Enthusist. 

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Cat moved to Los Angeles in 2018 to pursue her career in music and modeling. Eager to make a difference, Cat has always strived to utilize her gifts to cultivate community not only through her music and lyrics as a singer-songwriter but through the communities, she’s been able to cultivate so naturally to bring about healing and inspiration.

After moving to Los Angeles, I felt called to something more. It's so hard for us women to have safe recurring spaces to be vulnerable and feel supported so I decided to change that. Women are so much more powerful when we are able to come together to grow and learn from each other’s experiences. ” After selling out her first event and seeing the strong emotional impact the workshops had within her local community and each workshop reaching seating capacity, Cat realized that this was her calling and women needed more of this.

Cat became a certified yoga teacher in 2021 and now incorporates teaching yoga to members of her social club community along with empowering the youth with trauma informed yoga to heal and decrease stress with the launch of Grl Pwr's youth mentorship program for young women transitioning into adulthood from foster care. Cats’ ability to cultivate community has continued to create many opportunities for her to expand her brand as a creative and wellness entrepreneur while being a strong pillar in her community. 

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 I believe a Queen is someone not afraid to celebrate the next women's success and knows that there is power in us supporting one another. True Women Empowerment is creating opportunities for other women so that they can be self-sustained through their passion and have the tools and resources they need to empower themselves. That's true women empowerment. Queens empower Queens.