There is so much power in community. We know how anxious and lonely it can be but with the right women you can feel confident and supported. Sometimes, all you need is a tribe of women that want to see you win. You don’t have to do this alone, you don’t have to stress yourself out trying to figure it all out by yourself. We’re committed to helping you get to where you want to be. We believe in the power of women supporting women. We are more powerful together!

Our Mission

Grl Pwr LA offers a wide variety of workshops and membership services that will leave you feeling inspired, confident, & a strong sense of community whether you’re new to L.A or the city in which we host one of our workshops. If you’re looking for a strong authentic community to feel connected to or you're a goal-driven woman looking for a group of genuine women to keep you motivated and support you along the way, we are your favorite tribe you have been waiting to meet!  

At any of our workshops, you will meet like-minded genuine women with positive energy and big goals that want to support you along your journey and see you WIN! We all help one another, build one another up, and love to celebrate each other's wins while providing the necessary networking opportunities and resources to empower you to become all you are created to be. 

Grl Pwr LA believes in the power of sisterhood and Women coming together to support one another. We believe this is a fundamental key to personal growth and success. Our events and services help women gain the the recourses and inspiration they need while feeling supported along the way. There is no need for us women to compete against each other. When we come together and support one another anything is possible. We are more powerful together!

Meet the founder

 Cat Parks is the founder of Grl Pwr L.A. Parks created Grl Pwr LA in 2019 after moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career in music and modeling. Little did she know she would soon discover her true calling. Creating community through safe spaces for women of all different backgrounds to feel valued and supported while fostering self-love and respect. 

After great success from the first sold-out Grl Pwr LA workshop held in May 2019, Cat continued to build her online community, a private Facebook group for like-minded women to meet and connect, network, and support one another. With Grl Pwr LA quickly gaining 1,000 + members online from all around the world and attracting members from California, London, Argentina, & West Africa and her first workshop reaching seating capacity, Cat knew this was a huge need being filled and it couldn’t just end right there with one event. Cat went on to curate more workshops and events focused on self-love for the community in Los Angeles and each one reached seating capacity. Cat went on to establish the Grl Pwr LA corporation as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization within Los Angeles in March of 2020. 

After seeing the impact her workshops had on women in Los Angeles Cat instantly knew this is what she was born to do and it was time to expand to reach more women and give them this strong sense of community and support they had been desperately searching for. Cat is using the success of her growing female movement and self-love tribe to expand taking the workshops to cities like Atlanta, Cincinnati, Chicago, and eventually abroad. 

— Cat Parks, Founder and CEO